What You will

Reading in Baillie’s A Diary of Private Prayer I came across these lines this morning:

“Do what You will with me, O God; make of me as You will, and change me as You will, and use me as You will, both now and in the larger life beyond; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”

I find myself more than happy to worship Jesus as Savior, but am I really trusting Jesus as Lord? This prayer hit me square in the chest this morning. Trusting Jesus as Lord means trusting him to do with me, make of me, change me, and use me as He desires, not as I prefer.

It is so easy to get entrenched in our lives. We use words like “busy”, “habit”, “routine”, and “not my responsibility” to explain why we don’t do whatever it is that God is calling us to do. And when it is all said and done we are the ones that miss out on being part of God’s work.

God does not need us to make His plan happen. Rather, God wants to partner with us so that we experience abundant life and have complete joy. When we are willing to allow God to lead our lives we must surrender control, we must surrender agendas, and we must surrender our comfort trusting that God’s ways are better than our ways.

The life of faith is based on having faith in Holy God; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In a world that puts emphasis on “what makes you feel good” the followers of Jesus are called to put their faith in God, who is actually good.

May we humbly trust God’s direction and leading in our lives.

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