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Are we messengers of life?

I took this picture a few weeks ago as I was walking to the church on a Sunday morning. The picture is of a large number of turkey vultures roosting on the water tower behind our middle school/high school. What … Continue reading

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My kids are usually some of the last people to leave the church on Sunday morning. Because of this they are around when the fellowship hosts are packing up whatever left over goodies remain. It’s always more fun to give … Continue reading

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Leaf Cycle

Melting snowfalls Thawed, dampened earth Buds on branches A new leaf’s birth Growing more full Fearing late frost Vibrant new green Spring rainstorm tossed Soaking in rays The power plant Creating shade From sun’s bright rant Summer’s long heat So … Continue reading

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Mullberry Tree

Long have you stood On this plot of land Split trunk at your base So majestic and grand You’ve shed millions of leaves As each autumn transitions When temperatures drop And the sun changes positions Before there was Freeborn Welch … Continue reading

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For the past two afternoons I have begun reading a chapter a day of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe to my kids. So obviously we are not too far into it. Yesterday I had my daughter … Continue reading

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Hutchmoot 2013

I fly six to twelve times a year. I’ve been flying since before I can remember. It was second nature to get on a plane to go see my grandparents in Pennsylvania for Christmas or summer vacation. So for me flying … Continue reading

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