Mullberry Tree

Mullberry Tree

Long have you stood
On this plot of land
Split trunk at your base
So majestic and grand

You’ve shed millions of leaves
As each autumn transitions
When temperatures drop
And the sun changes positions

Before there was Freeborn
Welch or Roosevelt
You were a young sapling
Watching winter snows melt

Seasons have changed
And many years have past
You’ve grown impressive
A most beautiful shadow you cast

A home for birds
And insects alike
A haven of shade
From the summer’s hot light

A tower of blessing
You stand ever strong
I’ll continue to admire you
For many years long

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1 Response to Mullberry Tree

  1. cindy lange says:

    I replied yesterday but you did not get it so I’ll try it again. I LOVE that tree and I LOVE your poetry. I hear your voice in it and I see what you are seeing through your words.

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